Donate to the Roscoe Wind Council

Donations to the Roscoe Wind Council will be used to further our goals of promoting education related to wind energy and helping develop wind energy related civic improvements in and around Roscoe, Texas. Donations may be made for general use by the council or may be specifically tied to one or more of the projects listed on our Current Activites page.

We are working on setting up non-profit status so that donations to the RWC can be tax deductible for entitled contributors. For more information about donating to the Roscoe Wind Council, please contact Vickie Haynes at 325.766.3407 or email us through our Contact Us page

Private Donations

The Roscoe Wind Council will accept donations of any amount from private citizens. These donations may be anonymous if the donor desires. For donations of $100 or more, the donor will have their name listed on our Private Donors page.

Local Business Sponsorships

Local Business Sponsorships are available in two types of packages:

Platinum Package: $500/year
Includes: listing on our Local Business Sponsor page with company name, logo, contact info, address and a 100 word description of their business.

Gold Package: $250/year
Includes: listing on our Local Business Sponsor page with company name, contact info and address.

Local Business Sponsor funds may be allocated to general use by the RWC or may be tied to a specific project such as the Airtricity Billboard.

Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate Sponsorships are available to corporations that have an interest in promoting educational and public relations programs associated with the wind energy industry. Corporate sponsorship donations are $1000 and larger and are generally be tied to a specific sponsorship opportunity that will include logo or name placement for the contributing corporation. We are currently developing our initial Corporate Sponsor Programs and will add information on these programs to the RWC website as it becomes available.

Pioneer Donations

Private individuals may make anonymous donations on behalf of people in the Roscoe Area's past. Pioneer donations are a minimum of $500, are one-time donations, and include a listing in our Pioneer Donations section. Listings will include pictures and up to a 2000 word article about the person(s) being honored. Articles may be provided by the donor or can be written by our staff based upon a phone interview with the donor.

See our Pioneer Donation list