Current Activities

The Roscoe Wind Council is pursuing a number of projects designed to promote education, public relations and civic improvements related to the developing wind industry both in the Roscoe area and nationally. Our activities are entirely dependant upon the interest and involvement of local citizens who wish to leverage the growth of the wind industry into an economic rebirth for this region to benefit our families and the generations to come.

A chairperson is selected and a sub-committee of the RWC is formed for the development and execution of each of our projects. If you are interest in working on an RWC project, please contact the chair for that project directly. We are actively seeking contributions of both time and money from interested parties for the following projects:

West Texas Wind Festival

Goal: Creation of an wind energy related civic festival to be held annually in Roscoe, Texas. The festival will be designed to help educate and entertain people of all ages who are interested in understanding Wind Energy and how it will impact our way of life in West Texas. The event will be publicized througout West Texas and we hope to attract visitors to Roscoe from all over the region.

The first annual West Texas Wind Festival will be held on October 20th, 2007 at the Roscoe Community Center from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The festival will feature an exhibit hall, a job fair, vendors, children's activities, live music, political speakers and food & fun for all.

Commitee: Lisa Nalewak (chairperson)

RWC Scholarship Endowment

Goal: Development of a scholarship endowment for the purpose of benefiting high school students in both Nolan County and nationally. The RWC will pursue charitable donations and government and NGO (non-government organization) grants in order to establish a scholarship endowment for rewarding high school seniors who intend to pursue college course study in wind energy related fields. The intent is for the endowment to be managed in such a manner that a minimum of two scholarships a year (one local, one national) could be awarded annually, in perpetuity, to worthy candidates.

Commitee: Vicky Haynes (co-chairperson), David Etheredge (co-chairperson)

Wind Education & Visitor Center

Goal: Creation of a visitor center in downtown Roscoe, Texas that will be a world-class educational and informational resource about the wind industry. Roscoe is in a unique position to act as an "ambassador" for the Wind Industry once the planned wind farm developments in this area are completed. Turbines will be visible in all directions from the town at distances as close as one mile away. Traffic from both Interstate 20 (Dallas/Fort Worth to Midland/Odessa) and Interstate 84 (Lubbock to I-20) will pass through one of the largest wind farms in the world right at Roscoe, making it a spot where many people will get their first, up-close look at wind turbines in action. This makes Roscoe a perfect place to put a Wind Energy center, as it will capitalize on interest generated by the large and continuous stream of motorists driving through the Roscoe Wind Farm.

The Education & Visitor center itself will be designed to have something of interest for all visitors. The center will have informational displays containing brochures and other materials on Jobs & Careers in Wind, Continuing Education Wind Programs, Small Wind Applications for Municipalities, School Systems and Homeowners, Land Owner Guides to Wind Development, Environmental Benefits & Impact of Wind Energy, Wind Energy Technology and other subjects. A children's display will include educational materials about Wind Energy along with activity books and other free materials kids can take home with them. The center will include multiple museum quality science exhibits describing how wind energy works, how it is distributed and how it benefits the environment. Historical exhibits will describe the history of the Roscoe Wind Farm (including a visual timeline using aerial photos) and the history of the wind industry in general. A small gift shop will be included for the sale of wind related novelties with proceeds going to support the Wind Center.

Commitee: Deanna Covey (co-chairperson), Lisa Nalewak (co-chairperson), Vickie Haynes, David Etheredge, Rita Fried, Judy Etheredge, Cliff Etheredge, Jerry Alford, Susie Alford

Roscoe Mural Art Project

Goal: Creation of a large-scale mural artwork project commemorating Roscoe's history & future, with Wind Energy being one of the central themes of the mural. This is currently proposed to be a mural on the Roscoe Grain Elevator that would be spectacular for its size and visual impact to motorists driving through the area. The mural would be several hundred feet in size and would be visible for 10 or more miles in all directions. It would serve as a landmark that would attract visitors to the downtown area of Roscoe and work to support both our local businesses and the Wind Center once it is built.

Oklahoma City has a mural painted on a similar grain elevator that was created by a local college art department. The RWC is in the process of investigating using similar strategies for the creation of the Roscoe Mural Art project and will be contacting college art departments in the area to explore the feasibility of such a plan.

Commitee: Rita Fried (chairperson)

Wind Energy Sculpture Project

Coming Soon.

Commitee: Cliff Etheredge (chairperson)

Video Documentary Project

Coming Soon.

Commitee: David Etheredge (chairperson)

Event Calendar

RWC General Meeting

Roscoe Wind Council-General Meeting:  The RWC will hold its next general meeting at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, March 3, 2008 at Smackers Cafe.  All interested parties are welcome.

Scholarship Application Deadline

Applications for the 2008 RWC Scholarship are due on April 15th, by 5:00 PM. The scholarship is a $500 one time award to a graduating senior from Roscoe, Highland, Loraine or Hermeleigh high schools. For more information see RWC Scholarship Details.

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