About Wind Energy

Following are a number of articles from AWEA (the Amercian Wind Energy Association) that answer many of the most common questions about Wind Energy. Permission to link to these articles has been graciously provided by the American Wind Energy Association.

Wind Energy 101

Basics - How wind turbines work and other basic facts.
Costs - What does wind energy cost to develop and produce?
Potential - How much energy can wind power produce?
Economics - How does wind energy impact the economy?
Environment - How does wind energy impact the environment?

Resources On Wind Energy

AWEA - American Wind Energy Association - www.awea.org
AWEA Legislative Action Website http://capwiz.com/windenergy/home/
Wind Energy Works - windenergyworks.org

Event Calendar

Carbn Nation Premiere

March 28th, 2010 - Carbon Nation, filmmaker Peter Byck's exceptional documentary on climate change solutions, will premeire at the Environament Film Festival in Washington, D.C. The film features a segment on the Roscoe Wind Farm and locals Cliff & David Etheredge and Vickey Haynes make appearances.

West Texas Wind Festival

October 16th, 2010 - The 4th annual West Texas Wind Festival will be held in Roscoe, Texas. Last year's fetstival featured a number of amazing events including helicoptor rides over the Roscoe Wind Farm. Check back often for more information about participating in the Festival as a sponsor, exhibitor or attendee!

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